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Presentation and use of the Ordem dos Engenheiros Job Platform

Welcome to the new Job Platform!

The Ordem dos Engenheiros presents the new Job Platform which, from this day forward, represents a new channel of communication between job seekers and employers from all over the world.
This new platform has a completely fresh look and approach and provides new tools to create and search for resumes (CVs), making the new Job Platform more attractive and easier to use.
What's new?

The Job Platform has undergone a complete overhaul and there are now dedicated areas for members and registered employers of the Ordem dos Engenheiros.
Job seekers now have a new way to create their CVs online, accurately describing their skills and work experience through the use of keywords that can be selected.
It is now easier for employers to find suitable CVs, thanks to a more efficient and more accurate search function.


The main objective of the Ordem dos Engenheiros Job Platform is to provide its Members with a search engine/service that enables fast and functional access to employment opportunities in the field of Engineering, according to certain criteria: by College/Area of Engineering, by Entity, by Role, by type of offer, location or simply by free search. This platform also allows Members to submit their CV, with access restricted to Registered Entities, thereby enabling a rapid response to the job offers and an efficient management of applications.

How to use/Technical rules:

Accessing the Members’ Area
Members of the Ordem dos Engenheiros access the Job Platform via the Login section by entering their Professional Card No. and Password. In the event that they are not registered on the Ordem dos Engenheiros website, they may also register on the Job Platform page.

Search Engineering Jobs

The Job Platform contains a search engine that enables quick and functional access to employment opportunities according to specific criteria by Entity, Role, type of offer, location or simply free search. Job posts will appear on the site in accordance with the time indicated by the recruiting Entity.

Submit CV and respond to posts

Thanks to this feature, members of the Ordem dos Engenheiros will be able to submit their CVs to a database created specifically for this area, without needing to amend their personal Membership details. Members are able to quickly respond to job offers as soon as they see the vacancy advertised. Members may remove and amend their CV whenever they wish to. Registered recruiting entities will automatically receive the applications submitted.

Register an Entity and post Job Offers

Recruiting entities interested in posting job offers on the Ordem dos Engenheiros Job Platform must register in order to receive access data for the platform. They will subsequently be able to submit job offers, according to the criteria filled in by the entity itself, and manage the applications received on the same platform. The job offers submitted shall be restricted to Members of the Ordem dos Engenheiros. Only job offers validated by Ordem dos Engenheiros shall be posted on the Job Platform .
Ordem dos Engenheiros
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